What Does A Foodie Do While Living In Houston Texas

What Is a Foodie

In a city like Houston where gastronomy has evolved into an art form targeting the senses, the term "foodie" has become a badge of honor for those who relish the opportunity to explore, savor, and appreciate diverse culinary offerings. But what is a foodie anyway? The esteemed label gets thrown around so often now that it's more often than not misused by some who don't quite make the cut.

To understand what it truly means to be a foodie, let's delve into the collection of Berg Hospitality restaurants, known for their exceptional culinary experiences that cater to the most discerning palates.

Defining Houston's Foodie Culture

A foodie is more than just an individual who enjoys eating – it's a lifestyle centered around a genuine passion for all things culinary. Foodies are enthusiastic about discovering new flavors, experimenting with ingredients, and experiencing the artistry of chefs who transform simple ingredients into complex dishes. Berg Hospitality, a name synonymous with culinary excellence, serves as the perfect backdrop to explore what being a foodie is all about!

Launched by visionary restaurateur Ben Berg, Berg Hospitality has created a wide portfolio of distinct restaurants throughout Houston neighborhoods, with all of them redefining traditional dining experiences. From the edgy sophistication of B&B Butchers to the coastal delights at Turner's, each establishment within this collection embodies a commitment to innovation.

To give you a quick example of the type of cuisine foodies love, we'll take a quick look at Berg's first restaurant that started this entire journey…B&B Butchers.

Turning the Traditional Steakhouse on Its Head

Houston is an oil and gas town, a thriving metropolis where businessmen flock to one proven social haven for celebrating a closed deal – steakhouses. B&B Butchers opened its doors minutes from downtown on Washington Ave, and the first thing Ben Berg did was throw out everything he didn't like about stuffy old steakhouses. Dark wooden paneling? Gone. Uptight snooty servers? Forget them. The same boring dishes found elsewhere? Never at B&B.

Instead, B&B Butchers targeted the most diehard foodies with a bright atmosphere, fun impeccable service, and a one-of-a-kind menu for a steakhouse. B&B Butchers is one of the only restaurants in the world to serve legitimate "kobe beef." Here, foodies can try the A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando, which serves up A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye in panko crumbs on white bread with Tonkatsu sauce and zucchini fries.

Where else in Texas would a foodie find an entree like the A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando? For a true foodie, what they want extends beyond just another perfectly cooked steak. A legit foodie savors the nuances of flavor, appreciating 100% of the craftsmanship in a dish they have never taken in before.

Giving Foodies a Gastronomic Adventure

Another terrific example of originality is Turner's on Post Oak Blvd near the Galleria in Uptown. For those with a penchant for coastal delights, Turner's has multiple dishes that can be relished next to a cocktail and – using a good smartphone camera – are sure to light up anyone's Instagram feed.

With artful presentations of only the finest locally sourced ingredients, the menu offers items like Buttermilk Fried Quail on top of scratch biscuits, doused with duck sausage gravy and tabasco maple syrup. Similarly, the Wood Grilled Octopus with caramelized sunchoke purée, salsa verde and citrus for acidity is a sight to make any foodie's eyes water with desire for just one bite.

Being a Foodie with Berg Hospitality

Being a foodie is about ravenously exploring as many unique tastes and textures as possible to fully appreciate the artistry behind every morsel. It's about embracing the diversity of flavors, relishing in the artistry of skilled chefs, and seeking out restaurant experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Whether indulging in A5 Wagyu at B&B Butchers or savoring the globally inspired delights at Turner's, Berg Hospitality restaurants provide the perfect canvas for foodies to immerse themselves in a world where every mouthful tells a story.

Want to Be Known as True Foodie? Start Now!

Due to Berg Hospitality's immense popularity for any occasion, we strongly recommend you book your next Houston Happy Hour or Dinner in the foodie paradise of your choice.