You Haven't Had Brunch Until You Enjoyed Food In Houston

There arguably isn’t a more popular way to gather with family and friends than by attending a truly great brunch together. After all, the weekend is a rare time for Houstonians to take a break from mountains of hard work and indulge in some well-deserved R&R where everyone shares in each other’s company. However, the perfect backdrop for creating perfect memories is great food with outstanding customer service in a hip and welcoming atmosphere. Enter the Berg Hospitality Group, founders of the most popular brunch spots in all of Houston.

Houston’s Roots: From Southern Creole Cuisine to NYC Favorites

As the most culturally diverse city in the U.S. with a mix of longtime residents and recent transplants, Houston boasts plenty of flair spanning culinary delights across the entire globe. The founder Ben Berg hails from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, yet graduated from Tulane in New Orleans before spending time running successful restaurants and steakhouses in both Mexico City and Las Vegas. It was only natural he blend all of these beloved styles of cuisine under one cherished umbrella in the city he now calls home: Houston, TX.

With neighboring Louisiana right next door, H-Town has the best Cajun restaurants that don’t require driving all the way to New Orleans. Likewise, New Yorkers have moved south for warmer weather but still expect a perfectly grilled, no-frills cheeseburger with cottage fries. Look no further than BB Lemon’s Brunch, a charming brunch spot with beautiful outdoor seating and famed appetizers like the Blue Crab Beignets washed down perfectly with a spicy B.B. Bloody Mary or fresh Mimosa Carafe.

Similarly pairing up a fusion of tradition and migration, the recently opened NoPo Cafe Market & Bar Brunch – in the emerging neighborhood on North Post Oak – offers unique twists on traditional breakfast favorites that are sure to power anyone’s day, from pizza to shellfish, even taking on a sacred Tex-Mex staple – morning breakfast tacos.

Hands-Down the Best Sunday Brunch in Houston

The original restaurant from Berg Hospitality before launching multiple concepts is what many deem the most popular restaurant in Houston, B&B Butchers. The B&B Butchers Sunday Brunch is a legendary dining experience, with menu items leaping off the page such as Coconut Crusted French Toast stuffed with strawberry cream cheese or the “Carpet Bagger” Burger topped with thick-cut bacon, fried oysters, hot sauce, and blue cheese crumbles. Classy without ever being stuffy, this steakhouse brunch branches out for the daytime weekend diners, packing the tables both inside and out.

A Fancy Brunch Spot in Houston

First and foremost, Berg Hospitality knows all dining is meant to be fun since no one wants to feel like they’re eating in a museum. But for an elevated brunch experience where everyone can still be casual, The Annie Café & Bar is a classic Houston staple which was reimagined after Berg Hospitality took over the reins. This is everything you love about a fancy Houston brunch spot without everything you dislike. Serving up The Annie Steak Tartare, Bacon Wrapped Quail, Crab Tostadas, Filet Benedict, Lobster Omelets, and so much more, including good, strong coffee, this is for anyone craving classic American fare infused with genuine Texas love. The Annie Brunch in Houston cannot be skipped.

Make Your Next Houston Brunch Reservation Today

Everyone seems to love brunch, especially these days, but it’s true you haven’t really had brunch until you’ve enjoyed the food in Houston. If you need proof, just visit a Berg Hospitality concept and see for yourself. Make a reservation now for you and your guests to ensure prompt seating and an unforgettable dining experience!